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DuraMale – Defeat Premature Ejaculation the natural way!

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Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common sexual disease that restricts a man’s ability to enjoy sex to the best of his capability. A man with this condition will be unable to last longer in bed and will ejaculate much earlier than expected. This leads to a very embarrassing situation and unpleasant relationships. Are you suffering from PE? Are you wondering what the next step to take is?

DuraMale has been helping men deal with their lives better. Have you experienced this product yet?

The causes of PE

PE is so common but nobody realizes it. This is because people prefer to keep their ailment a secret and within closed doors. Some of the major causes of this condition include:

  1. Stress and depression

  2. Guilty feelings

  3. Anxiety about sex

  4. Erectile dysfunction

  5. Horrible sexual experiences in childhood

How does DuraMale work?

Most victims are advised to undergo tedious exercises with no positive results at all. Premature ejaculation is directly linked to low serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that controls major functions like sexual appetite, mood and sensory perception. Low serotonin levels are the root cause of most problems, including depression and anxiety. DuraMale’s herbal ingredients interact with the chemicals in the brain to produce more serotonin. Thus resulting in better ejaculatory control and eventually promoting better sexual relationships.

DuraMale – Are you ready for it?

A lot of men in relationships have managed to benefit from this strong formulation. Doctors strongly recommend DuraMale to combat the trials of premature ejaculation. Are you ready for this effective medication? Get PE out of your life!


DuraMale’s effective ingredients are the following:

Ingredients Extracts
L – Arginine 50mg
L - Phenylalanine 50mg
Proprietary Blend 300mg
Hygrophila spinosa
Tribulus terrestris
Argyreia spinosa
Mucuna pruriens


Take 2 capsules of DuraMale daily with a glass of water. Follow a regular course of DuraMale to achieve permanent relief from Premature Ejaculation.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules of DuraMale

Side Effects

Extensive research had ensured that DuraMale doesn’t posses any short-term or long-term side-effects. VitoHealthStore products are the safest herbal formulations; recommended by the most experienced and prominent doctors. Satisfied customers are gaining matchless profits and reordering the product. This confirms the safety and efficacy of the product.


VitoHealthStore's reputation for customer satisfaction is unprecedented. VitoHealthStore products are prepared from the most effective herbs and formulated by the most trusted doctors. As soon as you place your order, your product will be placed in compact packages. Your privacy is strictly respected.

Our products are formulated to deliver and VitoHealthStore products come with a 180-Day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to premium quality and product integrity. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, you can claim your money back by getting in touch with our customer care.

  Quantity Supply Period Saving Price
1 Bottle of DuraMale 1 Month
2 Bottles of DuraMale 2 Months
3 Bottles of DuraMale
3 Months
6 Bottles of DuraMale
6 Months
9 Bottles of DuraMale
9 Months